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Benvenuti! This web page has been created by drawing from our pool of extensive Italian translation resources. It catalogues a selection of mainstream subject areas with links to Italian online glossaries and dictionaries.

Please note that although this web page is periodically checked for broken links, Lingua21 Limited cannot accept responsibility or liability for any of the content contained within the external web sites.

Should you wish to recommend any additional sites providing resourceful Italian online glossaries or dictionaries, then please feel free to send us an email with your suggestion.  

Art >

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A superb series of glossaries specialising in art, artisan crafts and restoration provided by ARGOS. Italian to English and vice versa.

Automotive Industry >
A meritable selection of automotive terms presented in Enrico's Maserati pages. Italian to English.

Aviation >
Miniplane.com provide a compact aviation glossary from English into Italian, French and German.

Banking >
A carefully researched collection of banking related terminology in PDF format, donated by Contoworld. Italian to English.

Cinema >
A useful glossary compiled by Cinesint containing a wealth of cinematographic terminology. English to Italian.

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology >
Paolo Risso presents a praiseworthy Italian to English online dictionary of approximately 3000 chemical engineering and biotechnology related terms.

Chemistry >
A reliable collection of chemistry terminology supplied by Lamberti spa. English to Italian, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Calcio >
A valuable glossary of Italian football terms provided by Lingua21. Italian to English.

Dentistry >
Glossary of appropriate dental terminology contributed by Infodent Internet. Italian to English and vice versa.

Environment >
A rich source of environmental terms afforded by The European Environment Agency. Multilingual.

Finance >
A practical glossary of essential terminology related to the financial sector by EuroTermBank

Food and Drink >
An invaluable glossary offering terminology used within the food and drink industry by Todine.net. Italian to English, French, German and Spanish.

Genealogy >
A compelling glossary by Robert Angelo designed to assist those with Italian heritage trace their family history. Italian to English.

Information Technology >
Glossary of appropriate information technology terminology created by Rudi Baiocchi (English to Italian). For a more in-depth guide (hard copy only) to Italian IT terminology, we recommend the 'Media & Communication Dizionario' published by Rizzoli Larousse Spa, available as part of a 3 dictionary volume set which also includes 'Marketing Dizionario' and 'Guida al Business English'.

Italian Gastronomy >
An informative online Dictionary of Italian Gastronomy by Lingua21. Italian to English.

Italian Law >
A significant 'Guide to Italian Legal Research and Resources on the Web' by Elio Fameli and Fiorenza Socci which includes a glossary of the most frequently used Italian legal terms. For a more comprehensive guide to Italian legal terminology, we recommend the 'Law Dictionaries' (hard copies only) by Francesco de Franchis. Volume 1 is from English into Italian and volume 2 is from Italian into English.

Italian Online Dictionary (Hoepli) >
Specialising in commerce, science and medicine. A highly recommended Italian online dictionary which is very popular in Italy. Hoepli also supply (hard copy only) an excellent 'Technical Dictionary' (Dizionario Tecnico) by Giorgio Marolli which comes complete with a supplement comprising of technical dictionary plates and a CD-ROM. Italian to English and vice versa.

Italian Online Dictionary (Garzanti) >
One of the more prominent Italian online dictionaries. By registering for free with Garzanti, you may gain access to il Dizionario di Italiano on-line, which allows the interrogation of a database containing over 200,000 words and over 27,000 synonyms and antonyms. Italian to English.

Free access is also  granted to il Dizionario di Inglese Hazon on-line, which contains over 350,000 words, including 2,200 phrasal verbs and 58,000 specialist (scientific, financial and legal) terms. Italian to English and vice versa.

We also recommend Dizionario Garzanti di Business English (hard copy and CD only) which specialises in finance (banking, the Stock Exchange, taxation, accounting and insurance), economics, management, transport, customs and excise, advertising, commercial law, employment law, IT, statistics and marketing. Italian to English and vice versa.

Italian Online Dictionary (General All Purpose) >
A considerable multilingual terminology database supplied by the European Commission, covering subjects such as agriculture, the arts, automation, biology & biotechnology, building & civil engineering, chemistry, clothing, commerce, communication, culture, defence & warfare, demography, economics, education, electrical engineering, electronics, employment, the environment & ecology, energy, ethnology, the food industry, finance, folklore,  games, geology, IT, insurance, history, law, leisure, mathematics,  mechanical engineering, medicine, metallurgy, metrology, networks, nuclear technology, personal care, philosophy, physics, politics, publishing, religion, science, sports, statistics, taxation & customs, technology & engineering, telecommunications, transport, working conditions & ergonomics and many more!

Italian Property >
A comprehensive online Dictionary of Italian Property Terms by Lingua21. Italian to English.

Italian Slang >
An authoritative audio guide to Italian slang by Giovanna Vaccaro, with MP3 downloads provided by the BBC.

Medicine >
A leader amongst Italian online medical glossaries, supplied courtesy of Pneumonet. English to Italian and vice versa.

As far as medical dictionaries are concerned,
Lingua21 recommends 'Il Nuovo Medicina e Biologia Medicine & Biology' dictionary (intermediate level) which is published by Zanichelli and comes complete with a CD-ROM. It is promoted as a Dictionary - Encyclopedia on Medical & Biological Sciences and Biotechnology. Italian to English and vice versa.

Multilingual Terminology and Phrase Finder (ProZ) >
An extremely useful search tool managed by ProZ which interrogates the KudoZ open glossary and archives plus personal glossaries, Glosspost (a database of online glossaries) and Wikiwords.

Multilingual Terminology and Phrase Finder (Translator's Café) >
An indispensable search tool powered and maintained by Translator's Café.

Music >
A notable music glossary compiled by Adrian Mariano. English to Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

Nautical >
A resourceful dictionary of nautical terminology made available by Paulo Ciraci. Italian to English and vice versa.

Oenology >
Watson's Wine Glossary. A first-rate resource for wine lovers containing in the region of 3000  oenological term pairs. English to Italian and vice versa.

Petroleum Industry >
A substantial collection of terminology related to the Petroleum Industry carefully presented by PNGIS. English to Italian and vice versa.

Photography >
Glossary of helpful photographic terminology kindly supplied by Reflex Online, an Italian photographic online magazine. English to Italian and vice versa.

Psychology >
A worthy glossary of words common to the subject of psychology, presented by The University of Padova. English to Italian.

Social Care >
An excellent document in PDF format containing terminology related to the social services sector, donated by The European Institute of Social Services at the university of Kent. Italian to English, French, Spanish and German.

Still haven't found what you are looking for? Try Lexicool! >
Probably the ultimate resource on the web for lists of online foreign language dictionaries. It is possible to search on both En>It and It>En dictionaries for the following subjects:- aeronautics / military; agriculture / animals / plants; arts / music / crafts; business / finance / marketing; construction / building; education / culture / history / geography; electronics / electrical; engineering / mechanical; environment / energy / earth sciences; food / drink; information technology; legal / administration; medical / health; paper / plastics / textiles; photography / printing / publishing; science / biology / chemistry; sport / leisure; telecommunications / transport.


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Sicilian >

A well researched Sicilian to Italian glossary containing 1820 definitions supported by Circolo Metropolitano di Palermo. There are also useful sections on Sicilian grammar and phonology.

We also recommend the 'Basic Sicilian -English' Dictionary by Joseph Bellestri which sets out to promote and preserve the Sicilian language. It contains 338 pages.


Sardinian >

An exceptional  contribution to the Sardinian language. This important Sardinian online dictionary contains in the region of 93,000 words, 20,000 synonyms and 600 proverbs.

It states that the main purpose of the 'Ditzionàriu Online' is to make the Sardinian language 'virtually' reachable from all over the world.

Please note that this dictionary is temporarily unavailable and so you will be redirected to Webster's Sardinian dictionary.


Venetian >

Venetian (Vèneto) is spoken by approximately 5 million people in the Veneto region of Italy and was officially recognised as a language in March 2007 by the Regional Council of Vèneto.

This concise Venetian - English dictionary was instigated by Philip Parker who is a member of the Webster's Online Dictionaries team.




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